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Social Shared for vertical networks features

We develop you own tailor-made social network


Completely focused and designed to meet your needs.

Continuous updates

Multiple updates for ongoing improvement to your social network.

Complete control

You are 100% in control of your social network, with all the administration and moderation features you need.

Social integration

Integrated with main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.


We help you to increase your profit by placing ads on your network.

Mobile version

Available for mobile devices and the option to develop an App for iOS and Android.

Social Shared Features

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The wall is the main element for social network users to interact.

You choose the type of wall to use in your social network: single feed, double feed or other alternatives.

Your wall shows your comments and those of your friends, and you can also share photos, videos, likes, etc.

When it comes to defining your social network, you decide how your wall is set up: if only friends or followers can see your wall or if it is public and available to all users.

Walls are also available in groups, events, corporate profiles, user or VIP profiles, etc.

You can also automatically post all the comments on your wall to networks such as Facebook or Twitter.



User profiles provide all the information you wish to display of each user. You decide which fields must be shown and included in the profiles. The more complete they are, the easier the interaction between users will be and the use of the search tool will be more powerful. We can also show a small dashboard on user profiles to display the following:

  • Friends, groups they belong to, events they will attend, last visitors to their profile
  • Additional information that can be displayed on the profiles
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Personal information

You also have the option to create different types of profiles, such as VIP profiles, organization or company profiles, etc.



Groups bring together users that share common interests. They are created by users themselves, who decide the features of the group. Groups can be open, so that everyone can join them, or private, where only those who are invited or accepted by the group owner can enter.

Secret groups can also be created, which will not appear in group search results, nor on their members’ profiles. Only users who receive an invitation will be able to join this kind of group, and only its members will see the information and content of the group.

In order to control the quality of groups or to avoid repeated groups, in some of the networks they will have to be accepted by their administrator.

Each group has its own wall, group chat, photo album, events, etc. and is provided with a powerful search tool.



Any user can create an event and invite his/her friends.

The value of using events lies in the fact that a user can invite all his/her friends, or a VIP can invite all his/her fans with just one click.

You can create events to organize parties, conferences, hangouts, etc. Events can include photographs and videos, and have their own wall.

Besides, this feature is complemented with a complete notifications system to send alerts via the network to all participants or even via email.

Events can be public or private and the event organizer can decide if his/her guests can in turn invite other users.

You can also include an agenda in the social network, which will show users’ events in calendar mode.

You can get event locations with geolocation, set a maximum number of attendees or even fix an entry price for paid events.


Notifications and messaging

This is one of the most important elements to keep a network live.

All the activity of your friends, VIP, organizations, groups, events, etc. creates a notification on your control panel. These notifications can also be sent via email, to make users have to enter the network again.

Email notifications can be configured individually, depending on the section you want to send a notification for.

Besides, we include a complete messaging system for users so that they may contact each other privately. We also give network administrators a powerful tool for mass message sending to all users or only to users for whom different selection criteria have been used.

Notifications and messaging


For those social networks where the wall isn’t enough for users’ interaction, we offer a powerful forum software which is completely integrated with the network features.

Our forum includes all the features of the most powerful forum softwares. You can create unlimited number of forums, sub-forums and messages. Moderation systems, user ranking based on number of posts, statistics, etc.

Besides, users can use their control panel to see the most followed messages, their own messages and those of their friends, and so much more.

It is also multilingual.


Control Panel

We provide the network owner with a powerful control panel which allows to manage users, the different administration and moderation levels, languages and translations, complaints, add or remove users, and so much more.

If your network is international, you can set different administration levels per country and/or zones.

Users, on the other hand, are provided with a complete and intuitive control panel to manage everything related to their account.

Control Panel

Mobile version
Mobile version

All our networks are responsive and specially designed to be used with mobile devices.

You can upload photos from your mobile to your wall and share them with friends and contacts.

We also offer the possibility of developing native Apps for iOS and Android.


We help you to monetize your social network with advertising

We are experts in ad management. We have the “Google Certified Publishing Partners” accreditation. Google selected us for this program based on our proven expertise in Google AdSense, DoubleClick AdExchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers. We will help you to monetize your websites and generate as much revenue as possible per impression, as we will help you to increase traffic and improve your results.

What we do:

  • Filter the best offers of individual ads and run the most profitable campaigns at the time on your social network.
  • Get direct customers to advertise on your network.
  • Optimize the implementation of the ads on your social network to maximize revenue in each section.
  • Optimize and segment campaigns for every user type.
  • Choose the adserver best suited to your objectives at all times
  • Create professional advertising structures with DoubleClick for Publishers DFP.