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The most complete time tracking tool to manage your company and projects

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More transparency

Sharing timesheet reports with your clients builds trust and reinforces your relationship with them.

Optimize planning

Now you will know exactly how much time is needed to plan tasks and projects, using real data for your decision making.

More profitability

You will obtain precise data of the ROI of your projects, based on real cost per hour figures. Thanks to this information you will be able to make decisions based on real figures and not on estimates.

SocialShared Tracker

Tracker is the definitive project and employee monitoring tool, and the best way to improve performance and maximize resources in companies. Now you will know exactly how many hours your employees and collaborators have spent on each project.

Very easy to use

Tracker is very easy and quick to use. You simply install a small program that allows users to assign time to each project or task automatically.

Main features
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows or Ubuntu.
  • The system takes a screenshot every 3 minutes of the screen or screens the user is working on.
  • The system detects keyboard and mouse activity. When there is no activity for 5 minutes, it asks the user what kind of activity is being carried out.
  • Display of activity per day, week, or per range of dates.
  • Allows to reallocate hours and add on offline time, such as phone calls, meetings, etc.
  • Report management per project, task and user, as well as global reports.
  • Different permission levels for visualization and management.
Crucial information

Social Shared Tracker is a tool that helps you answer those questions that are critical in your daily business.

What is the current workload of my colleagues? How much time is billable? Which projects require more time than expected? Which needs require more speed to action? How many hours have I spent on phone calls? How much time have I spent attending meetings?

Social Shared Tracker not only tracks every minute precisely, it also shows you the areas that need more dedication.

Easy to use

Tracker is very easy and intuitive to use. Simply download the application for your OS, Mac, Windows or Ubuntu. Once installed, all you have to do is login, choose the project or task you are working on, and Tracker will begin to register your time or that of your employees and collaborators in real time.

If the system detects inactivity, you can allocate this time manually, either to the project or task you are working on, or add it on like a meeting, phone call, or simply discard it.

Available on:

Windows Mac OS X Ubuntu
SocialShared Tracker
SocialShared Tracker
Complete and transparent tracking

The system takes a screenshot every 3 minutes of the screen or screens you are working on. If you forget to allocate your time to a task or project, or if you realize that it is being allocated to the wrong task, you can check the screenshots and reallocate your hours for each time range, section or complete hours.

You can also allocate time manually.

Different permissions and/or configurations

You decide who can or must use Tracker in your Company, view statistics, delete screenshots, and those users working on sensitive or confidential information, allow them to not upload their screenshots.

Different permissions and/or configurations
Multiple reports
Multiple reports

You can create project, user or global reports, print from screen or export the information to an Excel worksheet

Keep up to date with the profitability of your projects, allocated time, deviations and billable hours.

Multiple reports