Main tools on Social Shared Corporate


Find people and connect with them immediately, whether they work at the next desk, in another department, another branch or another country.

Interact with other users: If you follow other users, you will receive updates on all their activities and you will find it easier to collaborate with them, sharing points of interest and information.

User profiles: Update your profile and complete it with all the information you would like to share regarding your interests and academic and professional experience.

Users outside your organization: You decide if you want to share your network with external users, such as suppliers, clients, partners, etc. You can add them to projects, include them in groups and determine the level of interaction they will have with the rest of the network users.



Project management has never been this easy. The Social Shared Corporate business social network takes teamwork to another level when having to manage or undertake a project.

Project creation.

Create your project, assign members, department, project leaders, deadlines and privacy. You can decide who has access to your project (only assigned project members, members of your organization or all your network).

List projects and order them alphabetically or by the last update, or select all priority projects so that they appear in the top positions.


Project features:

  • Wall. Keep your team up to date with everything that happens in the project. Share your ideas, queries and expertise, and communicate with the rest of the team.


  • Document management. You can share documents from Google Drive, Microsoft Live, Dropbox or from your computer. If you use Google Drive or Microsoft Live, the system will directly assign permits to the rest of the team without you having to spend time on it, and you will also be able to work simultaneously with a colleague on the same document.

  • Tasks. You can create tasks in a project and assign them to the entire team or to only one or several members. You can also set deadlines and assign subtasks to a member. You will have a very complete and exclusive wall for each task, and you will have full control over the management of documentation relating to each one of them.

Tasks appear listed and with many elements that enable to organize them: coloured flags to mark the different priorities, tags or labels to identify objectives quickly, allowing to filter tasks and subtasks for faster searches, drag-and-drop to organize tasks in different positions and number of comments on the wall of a task or subtask, to control interactions.

  • Events. You can assign events to a project such as meetings, video conferences, trade fairs, etc.

  • Checklist. Build lists to control the achievement of certain tasks. Checklists can be very helpful when it comes to revising actions and making sure that you haven’t forgotten something important.

  • Calendar. You can add dates to projects or deadlines for different tasks in your normal calendar in Outlook, iCal, Yahoo, Google, etc.

  • Videoconferences. You can set up video conferences with project members instantly, using Hangouts or Skype.

  • Members. Add members to a project, either people from your company that need to be involved in certain tasks or invite a new external user that needs to be involved either as a client or external collaborator. Everything is managed inside the project and with the advantage of being able to continue adding on tasks or subtasks only visible to members of the organization.



Social Shared Corporate business social network has a notifications system that will keep you up to date with everything that happens in projects, tasks, events, groups and more. From your user profile you can edit which kind of notifications you wish to receive, their frequency, and which notifications you would also like to receive in your e-mail or smartphone.



Tracker is the definitive project and employee monitoring tool. It is the best way to improve performance and maximize resources in companies. It is very easy and quick to use. You simply install a small program that allows users to assign time to each project or task automatically.

With Tracker: You gain more transparency sharing timesheet reports with your clients, which at the same time builds trust and reinforces your relationship with them.

You know exactly how much time is needed to organize each task and project, using real data for your decision making.

You obtain more profitability with precise data of the ROI of your projects, based on real cost per hour figures. Thanks to this information you will be able to make decisions based on real figures and not on estimates.

Among its main features you can find:

  • It is compatible with Windows, Ubuntu o Mac.
  • The system automatically takes a screen shot every 3 minutes. This helps to reallocate hours in case users have forgotten to assign them to their project.
  • Vision of activity per hours, days, weeks, months or range of dates.
  • Report management per user, task, project, and more.
  • Different permission levels for visualization and management.



You can upload documents, images, videos and presentations from your computer or from your accounts in Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Live, and share them with your colleagues. You can also upload private documents.


Organise your documents. Organise your documents in folders and share them with other members you share projects, groups or tasks with. Finding the latest version of a document will no longer take up your time.

You will never lose your documents. How often have you lost an important document? Thanks to Social Shared Corporate you will never lose a document again, as all documents are available in any device with an internet connection, whether it’s your business desktop, your smartphone, tablet or home computer.

And thanks to the integration with Google Drive and OneDrive, you can work on any kind of document simultaneously with your colleagues: a presentation, a spreadsheet or a text document.

Mobile version and APPs

Connect, communicate and collaborate from any device. Follow the latest changes on projects, groups and tasks and interact with your colleagues anytime, anywhere.

The application has a responsive design in order to make it work from any device, either tablet or smartphone.

If you wish, you can also download the Apps for iOS and Android.

mobile app


Groups connect members of the same team or department, users with the same objectives or common interests. You can create groups to connect people from a same department, to work on a project or simply for car-sharing purposes or to share interests.

Group criteria and features.

Type of privacy

  • Private. Only visible to users you have invited and hidden from the rest of the users.
  • Public. Visible to all users.

Type of access

  • An invitation is not requested. Any user can join.
  • Access acceptance by the administrator is requested.

Type of invitation

  • Any user can invite other users to join.
  • Only the group administrator can send an invitation.


  • A complete group management tool for the administrator using a back office (bulk messaging, user management, filters,…).
  • A management tool for event organization (agenda, publishing events,…) for the administrator.
  • An exclusive wall for the group.
  • Search members in the group.
  • Display member profiles.
  • Share group files.
  • Assign tasks to the group.
  • Video conferences using Hangouts or Skype.




This feature allows you to manage and administer shared resources in the company, such as meeting rooms, IT material, books, projectors, screens, and more. The moment you create an event, meeting or presentation, you will be able to book the room, the projector and any other resource you may need to make your meeting a success… and with just two clicks. Double booking is over!

Each resource will have a complete file containing all relating information and booking history which will allow you to know who has used each resource and the number of times it has been used.


Social Shared Corporate offers a powerful event management tool.

Create any kind of event (meetings, video conferences, trade fairs, etc.) and assign it to a group, project or task. You decide if the event is public or private, and who can attend or invite.

You can also add the event in your normal calendar in Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, Yahoo, etc.

Also, you can set up video conferences instantly, using Hangouts or Skype.


Forums & Blog

Forums offer members the opportunity to interact on specific topics and create threads in the categories you determine.

It is the perfect way to feed useful knowledge into one space without losing it. Through forums, expertise is shared and published, and as it can be segmented by categories or topics, you can store very valuable information powered by a community of members and consult it whenever needed.

Once you get started on a forum you can delimit notifications as you wish.

The blog allows you to share your knowledge and is ideal to publish more in-depth posts with your opinions or notions on topics you are familiar with.

You will find the blog to be as useful as forums, as you can also store information that will last in time, and use it as a knowledge repository.

forums and blog

Walls, chat and private messaging

We provide different tools to communicate in real-time and keep up to date with what happens in the company, share personal or corporate news, updates on projects and tasks, private messages or chat in real-time with other members.


The wall collects all the activity on the network. At a glance, you can see what's happening in your company and keep up to date with the projects, tasks, groups and events you participate in.

You can reply to your colleagues’ comments, quote them in a post or simply mark any contribution they have made with a like.

If you want to grab a user’s attention on a comment, simply mention them using the ‘@’ sign. If you also want to mention a project, use the ‘#’ sign, or use the ‘:’ sign to mention a task.


Private messaging

We provide you with a private mailbox to communicate with other colleagues and to control all the information which is specifically for you.

private messaging


Communicate in real time with your colleagues and hold one-to-one or group conversations. Video chat and conferencing functions are also available